Riggins Enterprises

Riggins Enterprises is a consulting company focusing on helping businesses succeed, located in the Pittsburgh area .

That's the shortest description of the many services and solutions offered through business development and marketing consulting. Whether your company needs a feasibility study, analysis for workforce efficiency, a financial cost analysis or an operational re-organization, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are company wondering if you should shut the door or a non-profit wondering how to raise the bar on the next fund-raiser, Riggins Enterprises is the right company.

Some History

Riggins Enterprises started in 2001 but the owner and her companies have been providing business development and marketing services for over thirty years to over 300 companies.
Riggins Enterprises is a parent company to several other companies that include manufacturing, and internet based low traffic sales of goods and services.
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Executive Coaching

Although executives are at the top of the ladder, they donít always know where to turn for help. They donít always know that there is a pool of expertise available for them. A consultant is available as a partner without the legal hassle and without the large financial costs.

A consultant will offer a company a different perspective, an outside perspective. He offers a different skill set and the time to devote to a problem that the executive may not have. We see the big picture without the political ties of being involved. This means we can remain unbiased and can work as a facilitator and mediator between staff and board members to help facilitate the changes necessary for success.