Diana’s Ocean scrub is made by a member of the Suquamish Tribe of Indians from all-natural ingredients. The Pacific Ocean Sea Salt works together with the natural extracts and oils to provide an antibacterial scrub for face and body. The citrus extracts and fruit complex provide an incredibly fresh and fruity scent to this amazing scrub.

Treat your skin like never before. Full of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, the exfoliating blend of Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, grapeseed oil, and botanical extracts help to soften, moisturize, and plump the skin. The deep moisturizing effect will last long after the scrub is rinsed away, leaving the skin moisturized without feeling greasy.
All proceeds from the sale of this products will be donated to a charitable organization in Pittsburgh, PA.
Diana's Ocean Scrub 8 oz. jar 24.95 US
This 5 minute video is the story of how I started the company and why.
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